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BBC World News

Mosul assault: Iraq troops make headway against IS
The UN warns about the safety of up to 650,000 civilians in the IS stronghold.
Ecuador election: Ruling party candidate Lenin Moreno in lead
But Lenin Moreno may not have enough votes to avoid a run-off ballot, partial results show.
Angelina Jolie on Cambodia, politics and a 'difficult year'
The actress spoke to the BBC ahead of the release of her new film, First They Killed My Father.
Ice-locked ship to drift over North Pole
German research vessel Polarstern is set for a remarkable year-long expedition in the Arctic.
East Ukraine ceasefire due to take effect
There have been many such agreements in the past and the omens for peace are not good.
Trump tries to explain remark about Sweden amid ridicule
Sweden sought clarification after he referred to a security incident there which did not happen.
Bogota explosion: Many injured in blast near bullring
Animal rights activists were due to hold an anti-bullfighting march close to where the blast happened.
Kraft Heinz drops Unilever takeover bid
Kraft Heinz "amicably" agrees to withdraw plans to buy Anglo-Dutch giant Unilever.
Syria conflict: Rebels warns truce may collapse after attacks
Rebel groups that supported recent peace moves warn they will respond to shelling.
Kim Dotcom can be extradited, New Zealand High Court rules
The founder of the Megaupload sharing site is wanted in the US on fraud and copyright infringement charges.
Man survives 20m fall down cliff in Sydney
He was winched to safety almost five hours later in a complicated rescue in dense bushland.
SpaceX successfully launches rocket after Saturday setback
The US rocket company sends a cargo ship to resupply the International Space Station.
Somalia Mogadishu car bomb: At least 34 people killed
Witnesses say the bomb went off in a part of the city popular with soldiers, civilians and traders.
Angelina Jolie on Cambodia, film and family
Angelina Jolie on her new film - based on the genocide in Cambodia - politics and her family.
Mosul: 'Lining up and ready for battle'
The BBC's Quentin Sommerville is embedded with Iraqi troops as they intensify their offensive in Mosul.
Trump: 'I'm only worried he's gonna give me a kiss'
The US president invited a supporter on to the stage at his rally in Florida.
Sister of Paris police 'rape victim' speaks out
The sister of the young man who was allegedly sexually assaulted by French police, calls for justice in a BBC interview.
Wrong national anthem played for gold medallists
Russian gold medal winners at the biathlon world championship in Austria had to sing the correct version of their anthem.
Thousands vie for Naked Man title in Japan
Thousands of men wearing just loincloths gathered at the Saidaiji Kannon-in Temple, Okayama, Japan for an annual festival.
Exploring Glasgow's secret 'ghost station'
A forgotten and abandoned platform hidden beneath Glasgow Central Station could be given new life.

Yahoo World News

Marine Le Pen is latest French politician embroiled in fraud allegations.

Marine Le Pen is latest French politician embroiled in fraud allegations.A Friday email from the European Union’s anti-fraud group claimed that two of French National Front leader Marine Le Pen’s employees received salaries as European Parliament assistants, positions about which the unit’s probe discovered “serious irregularities,” according to the email. The latest allegations make Ms. Le Pen the second major presidential contender to face fraud accusations after the French newspaper “Le Canard enchaîné” published an article stating that Conservative frontrunner François Fillon provided his wife and two of his children with fictitious employment as parliamentary assistants – positions from which they received income for years.

Why 160,000 protesters in Barcelona want Spain to welcome more refugees

Why 160,000 protesters in Barcelona want Spain to welcome more refugeesIn 2015, Spain’s government made a promise: welcome in more than 17,000 refugees within two years. On Saturday, at least 160,000 protesters at a march in Barcelona said the conservative government is not living up to its pledge. Spaniards and Catalans have a history of being more accepting of migrants than much of the rest of the European Union, perhaps because of their geography, their own histories of emigration and asylum seeking, their experiences with Basque and Islamic-inspired terrorism, or all of the above.

Did the ‘dishonest media’ really take on Lincoln, Jefferson, and Jackson?

Did the ‘dishonest media’ really take on Lincoln, Jefferson, and Jackson?Trump's remarks were made in a Florida airplane hanger following a tumultuous week in which his national security adviser was forced to step down amid allegations that he had communicated inappropriately with the Russian ambassador and then deliberately misled senior White House staff about that conversation. The president took the opportunity to direct the blame away from government officials, and towards members of the mainstream media – which he says purposefully misleads the public to further an agenda. Recommended: Know your US presidents?

Too soon? What comes of Democratic talk of impeaching Trump

Too soon? What comes of Democratic talk of impeaching TrumpAs protesters and some liberal politicians have begun talk of impeaching President Trump, others are rushing to pump the breaks as they consider the perils of pushing an opposition agenda that could further divide the nation along partisan lines. After a brutal election cycle that highlighted the growing rifts between Democrats and Republicans, many hoped that the nation could come together around compromise. Trump proved a polarizing candidate on the campaign trail, and his first foray into the presidency has followed that pattern.

New Homeland Security guidelines aggressively crack down on illegal immigration

New Homeland Security guidelines aggressively crack down on illegal immigrationUnder the new guidelines, outlined in a pair of memos, the agency plans to hire thousands of additional enforcement agents, expand the pool of immigrants who are prioritized for removal, enlist local law enforcement to help make arrests, and speed up deportation hearings – directives that would replace nearly all guidelines put in place by previous administrations. Since taking office in January, President Trump has come under fire for what immigrant rights advocates have denounced as unprecedented action against undocumented people in the United States.

How 'Jane Roe' came to symbolize both pro-life and pro-choice

How 'Jane Roe' came to symbolize both pro-life and pro-choiceYou might think Jane Roe from the landmark 1973 Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade would unhesitatingly support a women’s right to choose. “I think I have always been pro-life,” Ms. McCorvey once told a local radio station. McCorvey’s death comes at a critical juncture in the abortion debate.

At Florida rally, Trump returns to campaign tactics, media criticisms

At Florida rally, Trump returns to campaign tactics, media criticismsSpeaking to a Florida crowd Saturday evening, President Trump recycled campaign rhetoric as he discussed reforms of health care, taxes, and border control while stoking the fires of his feud with the press. Just four weeks into his presidency, Mr. Trump returned to the popular tactics he used on the campaign trail. Recommended: What do you know about Donald Trump?

A town changed by Trump

A town changed by TrumpThere are times these days when Mary Jo Groves feels like she no longer understands her city and the world around it. The hospital physician knows Springfield as a place that has prided itself on its moderate, practical outlook. Asked about Mr. Trump, an elderly gentleman said he was pleased, suggesting the crackdown on immigrants and the temporary ban on citizens from seven Muslim nations was spot on.

US student debt tops $1.31 trillion: Does Betsy DeVos have a plan?

US student debt tops $1.31 trillion: Does Betsy DeVos have a plan?Student loans were the leading cause for a substantial increase in household debt last year, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York said Thursday. While the high balance of US student debt is not news anymore, the new record-high $1.31 trillion balance, up 2.4 percent in the fourth quarter, is another reminder of the severity of a problem that has cast a shadow over the nation in recent years. During her confirmation hearing, now-Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos suggested a vision for higher education that might not require as much student debt.

Why Malaysia is refusing to return Kim Jong Nam’s body to North Korea

Why Malaysia is refusing to return Kim Jong Nam’s body to North KoreaThe investigation into the death of Kim Jong Nam is still ongoing. Malaysian authorities said Friday that they would conduct a second autopsy on the body of Mr. Kim, half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, after the first one yielded no definitive conclusions about the cause of his death. Malaysian police also say they will not return the body to North Korea until a family member claims the body – with a matching DNA sample to prove the relationship.

Can Tony Blair stop Brexit?

Can Tony Blair stop Brexit?Earlier this month, British members of Parliament (MPs) overwhelmingly voted to back Brexit, citing deference to the will of the people. Speaking at an event for Open Britain, which wants Britain to maintain access to the single market, Tony Blair declared that the Brexit discussion was far from over. The task for voters who want to remain in the EU, Mr. Blair said, is to persuade Leave voters to change their minds, thus forcing a reversal on Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

Romania’s lesson in public integrity

Romania’s lesson in public integritySince early February, tens of thousands of people in Romania have held almost daily protests against corruption in many cities. This persistent and peaceful outcry on Romania’s streets for honest governance began after the ruling party tried to roll back anti-corruption efforts that have already led to thousands of officials being put on trial since 2013. People were shocked at how easily their progress in suppressing corruption could be eroded by politicians.

Kim Jong-nam’s death: Latest test of tense China-North Korea relations

Kim Jong-nam’s death: Latest test of tense China-North Korea relationsDespite being North Korea's biggest ally, China has seen its alliance with the regime repeatedly tested in recent years – and the past week is no exception. With a ballistic missile test this past Sunday, and the apparent assassination of Kim Jong-nam, the exiled half-sibling of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, the relationship between the two nations is growing increasingly tense. On Monday, Kim Jong-nam died en route to the hospital from Kuala Lumpur International Airport after he claimed he was sprayed with a chemical.

Readers write: Trump editorial coverage

Readers write: Trump editorial coverageRecommended: What do you know about Donald Trump? Milton Love’s remarks in your Readers Write column regarding the Monitor’s political coverage highlighted one of the things I love about the Monitor: namely that, while it may constructively criticize actions, opinions, and policy, I have not seen the Monitor defame someone’s character, even slightly.

Can decriminalizing marijuana improve public safety in Houston?

Can decriminalizing marijuana improve public safety in Houston?Following decades of rising incarceration and diminishing public safety returns, America’s fourth most-populous city is embarking on a new approach to drug crime. On Thursday, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced that Houston would decriminalize possession of less than 4 ounces of marijuana, beginning March 1. The new county policy means offenders without warrants for other crimes will soon have a route to bypass court appearances and jail time. Under the Misdemeanor Marijuana Diversion Program, they can opt instead to pay $150 and take a 4-hour drug education class.

Lincoln is still No. 1 but Obama debuts high on historians’ 2017 presidential ranking list

Lincoln is still No. 1 but Obama debuts high on historians’ 2017 presidential ranking listRecommended: Know your US presidents? Mr. Obama did best in the “pursued equal justice for all,” category with an overall average of 83.2, placing him third behind Abraham Lincoln (first) and Lyndon Johnson (second).

Many presidents have first year troubles. Trump is the same – and different

Many presidents have first year troubles. Trump is the same – and differentThe top national security official was a problem from the beginning of the administration. It was a key job and the White House needed someone more attuned to the president’s instincts and operating style. Michael Flynn, the ex-general just dismissed as President Trump’s national security adviser?

Obama officials: There's hope for cybersecurity under Trump

Obama officials: There's hope for cybersecurity under TrumpWorried about the future of US cybersecurity under President Trump? Don't panic, say current and former government officials. 

Harward turns down national security adviser job. Who else is there?

Harward turns down national security adviser job. Who else is there?Mr. Trump said in a post on Twitter on Friday he was weighing four potential candidates for national security advisor. "General Keith Kellogg, who I have known for a long time, is very much in play for NSA – as are three others," he tweeted, without naming the other candidates. Lt. Gen. Kellogg was named as acting National Security Advisor following Mr. Flynn's resignation on February 13.

Arrest of abused immigrant unleashes debate: Where should line be drawn?

Arrest of abused immigrant unleashes debate: Where should line be drawn?Last week, in the middle of a nationwide immigration sweep, federal agents surrounded an El Paso, Texas, county courtroom, a place where victims of domestic violence – women, mostly – go to obtain orders of protection against their abusers. It’s a case that has shocked and outraged El Paso county officials, who called the enforcement action in their courtroom an unprecedented federal intrusion into a space meant to ensure their community’s public safety. Immigration advocates see it as another sign that the Trump administration plans to widen the scope of its priorities as it aggressively seeks to find and deport a wide range of the nation’s estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants.

BBC Sports News

Lincoln to play Sutton or Arsenal in FA Cup, Chelsea host Man Utd
Lincoln City will play Sutton or Arsenal in the FA Cup quarter-finals as reward for their fifth-round victory over Burnley.
Bingham beats Trump in final frame to win Welsh Open
Stuart Bingham holds his nerve in a tense final frame to beat Judd Trump 9-8 and win his first Welsh Open title.
Ibrahimovic fires Man Utd into last eight - highlights & report
Zlatan Ibrahimovic comes off the bench to score the winner as Manchester United are made to work hard to beat Blackburn in the FA Cup fifth round.
Burgess hat-trick as Wigan win World Club Challenge
Joe Burgess scores a hat-trick of tries as Wigan beat Cronulla Sharks to win a record fourth World Club Challenge.
Zlatan, Gestede & Graham - FA Cup fifth round's best goals
Watch the FA Cup fifth round's best goals, including Rudy Gestede's acrobatic volley for Middlesbrough and a lovely finish from Blackburn's Danny Graham.
Solomona treble downs Premiership leaders Wasps
A hat-trick from Denny Solomona helps push Sale to victory in a high-scoring affair against leaders Wasps.
Ex-boxer Watson describes 'violent carjacking'
The former WBO super-middleweight title contender says he was dragged along the road in the attack.
Shahid Afridi: Pakistan all-rounder quits international cricket
Former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi retires from international cricket, but will continue to play domestically.
Messi strikes late penalty to give Barcelona win
Lionel Messi's late penalty sees off the challenge of Leganes and spares Barcelona from a second successive embarrassing result.
Kane puts Spurs into cup quarter-finals - highlights & report
Harry Kane scores a hat-trick as Tottenham reach the FA Cup quarter-finals with a comfortable win at Championship side Fulham.
Ex-Australia & Northampton lock Vickerman, 37, dies
Former Australia and Northampton lock Dan Vickerman, who won 63 caps, has died at the age of 37.
Jose Mourinho: Chelsea already Premier League champions, says Man Utd manager
Chelsea are free to focus on the FA Cup as they are certain to win the Premier League, Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho says.
Kelly Smith: Arsenal pay tribute to retiring ex-England forward
England stars past and present pay tribute to Kelly Smith in a match celebrating the retiring Arsenal legend's career.
Dundee earn first home league win over Rangers in 25 years
Mark O'Hara and Kevin Holt grab the goals as Dundee earn their first home league win over Rangers since 1992.
Takulua treble helps Newcastle to victory
A Sonatane Takulua hat-trick sees Newcastle score seven tries in an impressive win against Northampton.
Highlights & report: Ryding 11th as Hirscher triumphs again
Marcel Hirscher wins the Alpine World Ski Championships slalom as Britain's Dave Ryding finishes 11th in St Moritz.
Jo Wilfried-Tsonga beats David Goffin to win Rotterdam Open
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga engineers a comeback to beat David Goffin 4-6 6-4 6-1 at the Rotterdam Open and earn a first title since 2015.
GB's Evans finishes 11th at Track World Cup
Britain's Neah Evans finishes 11th in the scratch race and the team pursuit fifth at the Track Cycling World Cup.
Personalise your BBC Sport app and sign up for alerts
With latest scores and headlines sent straight to your device, personalisation and much more, ensure you have a great sporting life with BBC Sport.
FA Cup: Blackburn Rovers 1-2 Manchester United highlights
Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores a late winner as holders Manchester United booked their place in the FA Cup quarter-finals with a 2-1 victory over Championship side Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park.

BBC Americas News

Trump tries to explain remark about Sweden amid ridicule
Sweden sought clarification after he referred to a security incident there which did not happen.
SpaceX successfully launches rocket after Saturday setback
The US rocket company sends a cargo ship to resupply the International Space Station.
California 'bombogenesis' storm pushes north
US forecasters say more heavy rain is on the way in north California, after southern storms killed five.
Trump holds interviews for security adviser to replace Flynn
The president will choose between four candidates to replace his sacked national security adviser.
Roe v Wade: Woman in US abortion legal test case dies
Norma McCorvey was the focus of the "Roe v Wade" case but later called her role "a mistake".
New York bomb plot mastermind Omar Abdel Rahman dies in prison
Omar Abdel Rahman - who was serving a life sentence in the US - dies in prison, his family says.
Donald Trump savages media at Florida rally
The event, unusual for a sitting president, echoes those held during Mr Trump's successful campaign.
South China Sea: US carrier group begins 'routine' patrols
China's foreign ministry has warned Washington against challenging Beijing's sovereignty.
Internet memes mock Donald Trump by making him look small - literally
Internet users mock the US president by making him look small - literally.
Canada 's concerns about close border ties with US
Among the concerns is a proposed bill that bolsters powers American border guards have in Canada.
Hitler's phone sold for $243,000 at US auction
The red phone, which has the Nazi leader's name engraved on it, was sold to an anonymous bidder.
Tennis star Bouchard's Super Bowl fan gets a second date
A fan whose Twitter wager won him a date with tennis star Genie Bouchard has secured a rematch.
Poetry challenge
Black poets in residence at Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC share their lyrical reflections on the Trump presidency.
Alt-right v anti-fascist
In a divided America, two groups at the extreme ends of the political spectrum are doing battle online, and on the streets.
Four weeks on
We asked different groups of people living in America what that's meant to them.
Human computers
The history of black women working for Nasa goes back much further than the 1960s - the period of the film Hidden Figures - and their struggles continued afterwards.
Taking stock
Vice-President Mike Pence represents the new Donald Trump administration at the Munich Security Conference.
Progress check
Donald Trump says his administration has made "incredible progress". Do the facts back that up?
Taking the lead
Social media reacts to a black woman being cast for the first time as a popular reality TV dating show lead.
The colourism problem
Darker-skinned women say complexion makes finding love and acceptance complicated.

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